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The Keepsake pt. 6

The blinding light which overwhelmed the wizard slowly begins to subside and the man is confronted with his new environment for the first time. With his vision slowly returning to him, he notices that he is surrounded by a massive white mist. Although the man sees no stable ground, he is surefooted. To the best that he can determine, our wizard believes he has yet again entered into a different realm. As his sight finally returns completely, he feels confident enough to take a step forward through the massive ivory wall. One step after another, an unseen landscape materializes under his feet. As he breaks through the smog barricade, the wizard stops abruptly where he stands. No longer does he see anything when he looks around him, he is suspended mid-air in what appears to be a never-ending blue atmosphere.

The clouds which drift past the wizard are bigger than any he has ever seen, large enough to engulf the planet on which he lives. The man inspects his surroundings in an attempt to identify where he is but there is nothing, only the sky and the clouds for as far as he can see. With great hesitance, the wizard decides to progress forward, his brain fights his body with every step he takes as it perceives certain death in every movement. The wizard advances forward but is suddenly stopped by another invisible barrier, this time running vertically. He raises his hands and freely swings them in front of him, but he is unable to lift his knees to complete another step. While standing in place pondering his current situation, he is confronted with a colossal cloud that hurtles toward him with notable speed. The giant ball of mist quickly overwhelms the sorcerer and leaves him stranded in an angelic white abyss. Our loyal wizard stands helpless, unable to advance forward or back, feeling powerless and vulnerable. As this feeling sinks deep into the pits of the wizard’s stomach, his self-loathing is interrupted by a familiar sound. Although the man has heard this sound a thousand times previously, he takes no comfort in its presence, as this is the sound of magic travelling through air.

The anticipation only had the ability to make the man queasy for an instant as the spell was travelling at an immense speed. It was only a second or two that the man heard the whirling of the enchantment before it struck him square in the back. Once entering the wizard’s body, the energy ran from the center of his chest and then washed over him outwards, before shooting straight out of his extremities. He watches as the scarcely visible force propels itself from his body and creates a translucent globe around him, clearing any matter in its path. The massive cloud that swallowed him only seconds ago stands no chance against the enchantment that continues to multiply in size. This sphere expands and expands until it has cleared an orb-shaped barrier of nothingness around the wizard, with a circumference a thousand meters long. This conjuration had no effect on the wizard except to fill his entire body with an overwhelming feeling of pleasure, as if he had ingested some of the finest rum. A smile forms on the wizard's face as he turns his body in the direction of which the blast had come, having to completely turn around. With this, the wizard placed his eyes on a God, for the first and last time.

The being’s size is indescribable, with its torso thousands of miles wide and its lower half plunging into the deep void of the realm. It has no appendages, only the illusion of shoulders and a head atop a tremendously daunting frame. Where a human has skin and flesh, the God has a complex looking root system that makes up its shape. These roots all vary in size and direction in which they choose to bend and twist, but they all possess the same shade of Vantablack. The ability to see through the deity is only stifled by the intense glow that its being radiates. Through the coarse black network of mesh like anatomy gleams a brilliant blood red, shining proudly through the dark web. This mess of tangled framework and intense scarlet shine make up the majority of this supreme being, only its tremendous orange eyes break its dense, dark shape. Its eyes radiate a breath-taking color that no man has yet to witness, to gaze deep into them is like staring into the center of an atom the second before it bursts to create a new universe. These eyes are the last thing that our faithful wizard ever sees out of his own. The second that he lays his eyes on this sovereign his world snaps into blackness, his eyes fail him, and he is left suspended, vulnerable, and blind in the presence of this immense being.

The sudden transition from the unmatched glory of the god to the petrifying vacancy which became the wizard’s sight sends our poor sorcerer into a frenzy. Flailing his arms about and clawing at his eyes, we for the first time see weakness in our faithful wizard. The traits which we once attributed to him as per his tranquil demeanor are in question. He lashes around, screaming and wailing to an audience of none, as the god cares little for the man’s presence let alone his actions. Without warning the wizard’s cries are interrupted as he is hoisted by the top of his head from his unseen post. Dangling in front of the deity the man is unable to move, his arms and legs hang freely, and his chin is tilted to expose the man’s ash covered face to the being. Hanging for what feels like a lifetime, the wizard can feel the god’s presence, yet he remains completely silent. He knows that in an instant the god can blink him out of existence merely out of a desire to do so. With the wizard waiting helplessly in the invisible grasp of the being, it begins to speak.

The deity has no mouth as it has no need for one, this colossal beast simply imbeds itself into the wizard’s consciousness and communicates with him there. It is made exceptionally clear to the wizard what his presence in the realm means and what is to become of his life once leaving, if he so desires. With little doubt left in the man’s mind, an oath is taken, and an unbreakable covenant is formed between divine spirit and fleshly man. Once the man submits his fate to the god, he is of little use to the being and has taken up more than enough of its time. Unbeknownst to the wizard, the deity begins to lean the right side of his massive figure away from the man. While the towering giant slowly pivots backward, a massive arm-like appendage breaks from its right side. Swinging this newly formed accessory backward, it then uses the momentum to drive the limb directly at the unaware, dangling sorcerer. As this trunk hurls toward the wizard, it slowly begins to lose girth as the roots that make it begin to cease until only a single, jet-black root protrudes from the arm. This single extremity strikes the man in the middle of his forehead with the grace and finesse that could only be mustered by a divine spirit. With this act our faithful wizard is launched back into his own realm, having completed the conjuration. Yes, the sorcerer left the god’s realm sightless, but he returned to his own, immortal.

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